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Designed for the tight and technical, the Sniper’s flat hull, with rounded edges and nose, lets it skip across rocks with confidence and keep you comfortable when the river tries to put on the squeeze. The Sniper boofs even in shallow water and resurfaces quickly. Surprisingly fast for its length and of course it turns on a dime. The Sniper is a low volume, steep creek performer.

Sniper 65
213 cm
64 cm
37 lbs
17 kg
35" x 17"
89 x 43 cm
65 US gal
246 L

Specifications Media Buzz

• Molded-in padded knee pockets
• Adjustable creeking footbrace
• Safety/anti-theft bars
• Four heavy duty creeking handles
• Water bottle
• Easy-drain system
Unity Seat™

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More Technical Information for download
• Riot 2007 Whitewater Owner's Manual


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